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Entry 450

Name: Norma Oxley
Location: Cheboygan, MI 49721
Comments: Hello, and God's blessings to you. I don't think I'd ever been on your website before, but decided to do so, as I am downsizing and am donating a couple of your books to our church library, and wanted to introduce you to our librarian, Ann Klebba.
In re-reading The Rescue story I realized that August 13 of this year was the 25th anniversary of that miracle of God in saving all seven of you, so that you, Dave and Barb could "tell it on the mountain" so to speak, the work of God's grace, mercy and power.
I've only met you at Trinity, Litchfield Park, AZ, when you've been there. Have been involved in that congregation for the past twenty five years, as we spend our winters nearby. Your dear father-in-law was a special friend.
Blessings in all the work that you do to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Entry 449

Name: Ronda Kissling
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Comments: My husband and I make a point of attending Worship in the Park when you are the guest musician. As always, yesterday's music was beautiful. Thank you so much. (from one Bethlehem Bullet to another)

Entry 448

Name: Michael Hack
Location: Fort Wayne,Indiana
Comments: seen him at the follinger theatier in Fort Wayne,Indiana today and in the past for church in the park by Trinity Lutheran Church service 8:00 a.m.on July 29,2018 good singer and voice enjoy hearing you every year.How come you don't sing any before the start of the church serice I pretty sure you had sung before there before in the past before church service starts at the foellinger theatier in Fort Wayne,Indiana for trinity Lutheran church service in the park.your a great singer and good voice would recommend to sing before the start of the church servicein the future at the Trinity Lutheran Church in the park next year at the foellinger theatier please thank you very much enjoid your songs and voice

Entry 447

Name: Dave & Jan Lloyd
Location: Huntington, IN
Comments: Fatherís Day Sunday AM at Aboite Lutheran

Thank you for your ministry to our Lord.

Entry 446

Name: Arlen J Ottmar
Location: Iowa City
Comments: Don,
It was nice meeting you at Parkview Church in
Iowa City, Iowa on May 6th.
Looking forward to meeting again sometime!
God's Blessings are for you!

Entry 445

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Entry 444

Name: Laura McDavid
Location: Knoxville, TN
Comments: Hi Don,

We met at the Christian Worldview Conference in
Franklin. I really like your website!

- hope all is well with you!


Entry 443

Name: Jack Cawthorn
Location: Aylett, VA, USA
Comments: Heard your story on Dr James Dobson's radio show on AFR and praise God ya'll were rescued!! And in such a manner that can't be described as any thing other than divine invention, prayer answered...thank you Jesus!

Entry 442

Name: Jay Cole
Location: Hillsborough, NC
Comments: Thank you for coming to FCA at Cedar Ridge
High School today.

Entry 441

Name: Michael Hack
Location: Fort Wayne,IN
Comments: saw him at foelliner theater today August 6,17 church in the park.enjoed his singing

Entry 440

Name: Traci Swarthout
Location: Pinckney, Michigan
Comments: So good to see you and Leslie tonight! God Bless You!!!

Entry 439

Name: Donna Lewis Hacker
Location: Franklin, Indiana 46131
Comments: Hello old friend,"Coach". I was just trying to find your concert schedule, especially for Indianapolis and southern Indiana. Also for Aberdeen, South Dakota, and Findlay, Ohio. Loved "Another Road Travelin'".

Entry 438

Name: Kenneth Dougherty
Location: Jersey Shore Pa
Comments: Really enjoyed your songs and music at Trinity
Lutheran church in Lake Placid Florida
2\5\2017 God Bless you.

Entry 437

Name: Dick Shilts
Location: Kalamazoo MI
Comments: This man's music and now his writing skills are phenomenal! His life of service to our Lord stands as a shining testimonial to the power of faith to transform and enrich all of our lives. I wholeheartedly recommend his spirit-filled songs, his Rescued story, and now his novels to all who are searching for what it means and can mean to follow Jesus in our daily lives. Don's life has blessed ours in ways we cannot adequately explain.

Entry 436

Name: jan karsten
Location: Eureka, Mo
Comments: Don, we go way back! Always enjoy your updates through the years. In a nutshell, Dar took his 'refirement' in 2006 after 34 years in ministry at St.Marks/Eureka. The Missouri Dist asked him to plant a church in the fastest growing corridor of MO, btw Springfield/Branson. Planting a church was always something he wanted too do. God gave us the time, talent, engery for that journey, handing off in 2015 to a second career new grad that is just the right fit for Praise & Worship Ministries/Branson. We still have a condo there, love Branson and those people. We never moved, but had many miles on I-44to stay connected to GRANDkid things (8). Now we do that full time!! After reading that you are now an author, I just finished reading A favorite author, Charles Martin. his book, LONG WAY GONE. A must read for you, the music man that you are! (Like you have time?... but hey, everyone needs to veg w/ a good read! See what you think... Until our paths cross, be blessed to be a blessing! Enjoy your last touring for Jesus' sake! jan karsten (Dar says Hi too)1481199564

Entry 435

Name: David Nelson
Location: bowling green
Comments: Don listened to you on your disc of the crash and i was truly moved. seen you at the revival with pastor Toops in Bowling Green thank you for coming and GOD continue to bless you and your family.

Entry 434

Name: Gretchen Grow
Location: Ft Worth, Texas
Comments: Heard you in concert about 15 years ago at Peace Lutheran Church in Hurst, Texas. Have all your CDs and listen to them while I walk. It is a joy to be reading the Bible and find a passage you quote directly in the lyrics of a song. Also enjoy your more humorous songs. Would like to hear more music from you.1473980473

Entry 433

Name: Bob Holzworth
Location: Idaho Falls, ID
Comments: Hi Don, We met at Hope Lutheran Church, Santa Rosa Beach, FL and you indicated interest in doing a gig in Idaho Falls. I sent you an email asking about how to proceed. Be well, ~bob 208-520-4320

Entry 432

Name: George Algozzina
Location: Clearwater, Florida
Comments: Interested in you!

Entry 431

Name: Darrell Machalek
Location: LeClaire, IA 52753
Comments: Please send me your play list from your New Hope concert Feb 31st or the 1st Sat in March, we think. There was a song that really moved me,in the 1st half of show. Bought 3 of you disk hoping they would have the song on them, no luck. Maybe if I see your play list I will find the song and what disk you have it on. Thank you very much for being able to hear your ministry. In His name, Darrell and Jean Machalek PS, Sharon steered the way to you for us.

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