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Entry 423

Name: jim gartner
Location: effingham ill 6401
Comments: Hated your books "the Lost Principled Man" and "No White Lies". I couldn't them down. They got me in a lot of trouble. I couldn't get the chores done (mad wife), cancelled golf (mad partners) and late for appointments. They were very enjoyable and so easy to read. Of course was able to relate to some of the subjects and locations which made them doubly enjoyable. Would like to read "'the Hossmen". Is it available? Believe you have a gift.

Entry 422

Name: christie bumgardner
Location: Glendale AZ
Comments: Heard you last year at Life In Christ in AZ. Paster Spicer says you are coming back soon. I hope so. I'm doing devotions 2/14 for LWML and your "love goes round and round" is my theme. I carry that disc with me always - in the car, then into the house and back out again. I listen to it every day God's love and blessings in all you do,Christie B

Entry 421

Name: Dick Shilts
Location: Kalamazoo MI
Comments: Carol and I just finished your books. WOW! Incredible insight into the human soul. Your writing rivals your singing, Don! We loved the stories. They are gripping as they communicate eternal truths through realistic situations. You have always had the gift of seeing Christ in everyday people and situations, and these storylines do what your music does--communicate, inspire, and challenge. We pray that others will be blessed and uplifted by the books. Can't wait to read the third book!

Entry 420

Name: toni
Location: troy, mo
Comments: Don was wonderful on Saturday 10-11, I so enjoyed his performance.

Entry 419

Name: jane macomber
Location: colorado springs, co
Comments: Don, hello from the "long past"...God's plan for Bob and I lead us to Co. Springs, CO (very different from our plan!)..we now worship at a LCMS church that takes in 200 NEW members each year!!I want to share your songs with our wonderful music director...the music here is a BIG part of that 200 new member thing! We're busting out and rocking on!! Remembering the old days in AA with Roger, Cindy, Mary Jo etc.......God Bless!

Entry 418

Name: Doug Metz
Location: Carmel, Indiana
Comments: Thanks for sharing beautiful and inspirational music.

Entry 417

Name: Phyllis Rush
Location: Saginaw, MI 48603
Comments: I looked you up after hearing you on "Worship for Shutins", which I watch every Sunday.

Entry 416

Name: Amanda
Location: Swartz Creek, MI
Comments: I've seen you a few times on "Worship for Shut-ins." Your performances make the program extra special:)

Entry 415

Name: Tim Bruce
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Comments: Hello! Lets Go Komets!!!

Entry 414

Name: Kathy Schiemann
Location: Hemlock
Comments: Hi Don, I tried e-mailing you about the Adult gathering on Mackinac Is. & it didn't work. I had a couple of questions for you. You were at our school (St. Peter, Hemlock, MI) a number of years ago, and then you came to our house for a cookout on our deck with the school faculty. Just wondering some things about the Adult gathering on Mackinac Island. Please e-mail me if you get this. Thanks. Blessings, Kathy

Entry 413

Name: susan justus
Location: oakland, ky
Comments: had a wonderful time this week at our tent revival. we were so glad to see you again and you really helped your friend, Pastor Toopes. Come visit us anytime.

Entry 412

Name: Gary Brodeur
Comments: Hi Don. My wife and I have always been big fans. Your music has been a blessing to us and has glorified God. We love one of your older albums. The one with "Moses" way down in the wilderness. Do you offer it on CD? Please let us know where and if we can purchase it. Thanks, In God's Love, Gary and Lori Brodeur.

Entry 411

Name: Bob and Janet McCrain
Location: Ozark MO
Comments: We have seen you at Immanuel in Washington MO and again at RedeemerSpringfield MO. Thank you for your blessings to all of us with your music and now visual films.

Entry 410

Name: Linda Kosh
Location: Portage, Wisconsin
Comments: Went to a concert at St. John's Lutheran Church in Portage several years ago and bought 3 albums. We play them all the time, truly great music.

Entry 409

Name: jackie buckley
Location: Wentzville ,mo
Comments: I heard Don sing at Concordia Ann Arbor in 2000 when I attended an alumni weekend.His rescue story was incredible.I just decided to look him up to learn what he has been doing. I am a 71 grad of Ann Arbor and was also born in Ft Wayne in 1951.

Entry 408

Name: Janet Alexander
Location: Gainesville, FL
Comments: I am wanting to buy the CD that has the teacher song on it. Twenty-five desks or something like that. Please advise. Blessings~

Entry 407

Name: Gwen Reeves
Location: Renton, WA
Comments: I would like to purchase the sheet music to "Two Times You're Mine." How could I do that? Thanks, Gwen Reeves

Entry 406

Name: Bette J Lafferty
Location: Vallrico, FL
Comments: Met you at Hope Lutheran church years ago in Plant City and love your simple presentation of the Good News.

Entry 405

Name: Sue Brown
Location: The Grove, TX
Comments: Have enjoyed the excerpts from your CDs, wonderful music, to the point and challenging at times. Thank you.

Entry 404

Name: paul & suzanne ultis
Location: houston, tx
Comments: See you this weekend at Epiphany Lutheran Church's celebration!

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