"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
Eph. 2:10

Don Wharton - Christian singer, songwriter, author, comedian and plane crash survivor. With Don’s engaging and humorous style, your students will be encouraged to discover their God-given talents and use them to the fullest. Don Wharton is one of seven people to survive a plane crash into the Bering Sea near Nome, Alaska (read the story). Your students will be amazed at Don's story of God's rescuing power.

“Don was able to involve even our most reluctant students...”

If you're interested in booking Don for a school assembly, give our office a call today.

Don Wharton
P.O. Box 15201
Fort Wayne, IN  46885
(615) 479-6311
Email: [email protected]

Read what others are saying about Don Wharton’s assembly program:

"What a wonderful assembly!  It is always hard to find an assembly that is appropriate for all of the grade levels of Kindergarten through 8th grade.  I looked around at all of our students during Don's performance, and every single one of them was not only listening - but actively participating!  Don has a God-given gift for reaching people of all ages including the 5-year olds through 80 year-olds that we had in attendance.  His message of "Dream Big, Work Hard, Make a Difference" was very appropriate and motivating to our students and teachers.  His rescue story was captivating.  We hope to have Don back again!"
Kathy Davis, Principal
St. John's Lutheran School
New Boston, MI

"Recently Don Wharton raised excitement in praising our Lord Jesus Christ with a 200+ student Lutheran School Assembly in our church sanctuary.  With parents and relatives also in attendance, Mr. Wharton ignited enthusiastic participation from our elementary age children with song and dialogue.  Then with seriousness and humor he related an enthralling account of the miraculous rescue of himself among seven after the plane crash in the Bering Sea.  If you have not had Don Wharton in your midst, or even if you have had as we did twice before, I recommend you invite him for a school assembly or for a church gathering.  The experience will bring great glory to our Lord as well as a great spiritual lift for your people."
Rev. Timothy J. Bickel, associate Pastor
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Millington, MI

"Don Wharton recently came to Guardian Lutheran School, Dearborn MI to do his "Dream Big! Work Hard! Make a Difference!" school assembly. The students thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. They clapped along, sang enthusiastically, listened intently to his Christian witness and became totally involved in his presentation. I recently changed Principal positions. Last year I was in inner city Detroit. Don came to Mt. Calvary last year. I can personally testify that Don can relate to children of all races, economic conditions and ages (kids from 3 to 93). Don has a gift of relating to children, writing and singing music, and above all  proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior."
Walter Krone, principal
Guardian Lutheran School
Dearborn, MI

"Don used his warm hearted humor and sincere Christian witness to invite the participation and inspire the hearts of all our students.  Our older students were able to laugh at themselves and come to realize it is fun to be a Christian and openly proclaim the joy God puts in your heart. Our younger students were delighted to sing and participate with Don and the older students.  From preschoolers to 8th graders and staff, Don refreshed our faith and restored to us the joy of our salvation.  We will have him back!"
Elaine Bickel, principal
St. Paul Lutheran School
Millington, MI

"Don Wharton is an extraordinary man who is gifted with tremendous musical ability and a creative approach to touch the hearts of children.  His musical assembly was a delight that glorified the Lord.  Not only is he talented, but he also brings a refreshing concept to his performance as he blends values, morality and an ample assortment of scriptural references along with his remarkable true-life story of his rescue at sea.  He is enormously talented in the skill of commanding the children's attention.  He is able to, in a very entertaining way, share his Christian faith and involve the audience.  All of our children in grades K-8 were captivated by his presentation."
John E. Schultz, Principal
Evansville Lutheran School
Evansville, IN

"Don Wharton's assembly program was wonderful. His Christian testimony energized our student body.  Kindergarten through eighth grade sang loudly and focused on the message from our Lord.  Students stopped by my office and asked if Don could come back for every weekly chapel.  What a blessing it was for Central to have Don Wharton's ministry."
Greg Rehberg, Principal
Central Lutheran School
New Haven, IN

"It is truly an enjoyable experience to welcome Don Wharton in a school setting for a concert.  The students and parents were engaged in the songs that explored the wonders and challenges of this life that God calls us to.  Don's message on developing Christian leadership qualities in young people left a positive impression in the minds as well as hearts of our students.  The theme, "Dream Big! Work Hard! Make a Difference!," was well received by everyone in attendance.  Our teachers are always refreshed with his thought provoking words, encouragement, and the clarity of the Gospel coming out in his songs.  His God-inspired lyrics feed both those who are rock-solid in their faith and those still wondering who Jesus really is.  In a short amount of time he developed an enriching relationship with the students and parents that truly reflects the way God is working through him to bring the Good News to others."
Bob Burgess - Assistant Principal
Trinity Lutheran School
Delray Beach, FL

"I had the pleasure of having Don visit our school recently. This was his fifth concert in three different schools I’ve been at.  He continues to inspire the students and teachers alike with his message and his songs.  Don not only sang some great songs, but he also delivered an important message to the students.  He told them that memorizing God's Word was a great thing and that they should ask their teachers if they could learn even more.  He also had them memorize his main message: “Dream Big! Work Hard! Make a Difference!”  I’ve been able to use this message with our students in many different situations already since the concert.  If any school has the opportunity to book Don at their school, I highly recommend him as an inspirational, musical, Christian, messenger of God’s word."
Dexter Hoyer, Principal
Woodburn Lutheran School
Woodburn, IN

"Thanks so much for coming to Unity.  Everyone enjoyed your songs and testimony about God's protection in your plane crash.  You have a wonderful way of keeping both children and adults involved.  By telling about how God has preserved you in your life, you give encouragement to others in their walk with God.  After your performance we actually had a father of one of our students who works in a print shop, print cards for our whole school with 'Dream Big!  Work Hard!  Make a Difference!' on them.  Thanks also for your words of thanks to our teachers.  That meant a lot to them."
Joyce Pixley, Principal
Unity Lutheran School
Fort Wayne, IN

"Thank you for thinking of us and for sharing with us your love for the Lord. The children loved the time they shared with you.  You captivated all students from Kindergarten through grade 8 with your presentation. One fifth grader put your synopsis on her desk to give her focus in life; dream big, work hard, and make a difference. Thank you Don for sharing God's love with us."
Rhonda Reimers, Principal
St. Peter Lutheran School
North Judson, IN

"It was our pleasure to have you visit Trinity and share the Gospel with all of us.  Your school assembly program was well received by the students and teachers alike.  I heard many favorable comments about the music and, especially, your message.  Your energy and enthusiasm for the Lord and doing His work is a great blessing to all of us at Trinity.  We look forward to being with you again."
Joel P. Landskroener, Principal
Trinity Lutheran High School
Seymour, IN

"Thank you for coming to St. Peter's Lutheran School in Columbus, IN for a recent assembly.  You were fantastic!  As a principal, it encourages me to see our children get so excited about praising Jesus.  God has definitely blessed you with a special talent and a special story.  You do a marvelous job combining your talent and story with a positive Christian message.  Keep up the great work!  I know that God will continue to bless your work!"
Scott Schumacher, Principal
St. Peter's Lutheran School
Columbus, IN

"I do wish to thank you for sharing the word through story and song with our students at Immanuel.  The songs were so enjoyable.  The kids really "got into" the movements through shouting and hand motions.  It was a welcome break from our usual routine.  Showing that God's word is fun is so important for our young children today.  Your plane crash story was truly inspirational.  It is amazing to see God's hand in action in such a visible and undeniable way.  God's richest blessings upon your ministry.  May He continue that good work which He, Himself, began in you."
Todd Behmlander, Principal
Immanuel Lutheran School
Seymour, IN

“The message that God has laid on your heart to share with His children is fantastic. All that day and many days since then I’ve heard children (and adults for that matter) saying “dream big, work hard, and make a difference with your life.” I’d say that sums up what God is doing through YOU! Thank you for being so useful to the Holy Spirit as He builds the kingdom through you.”
Krista F. Nagy, Principal
Calvary Lutheran School
Kansas City, MO 

“Don Wharton’s assembly was simply awesome and a great way to start National Lutheran School’s Week! Don shared his faith with an up-lifting and inspirational message with music to over 450 students, parents and staff. Great job as always!”
Robert Mayhew, Principal
Holy Cross Lutheran School

Kansas City, MO

“Don presented a fun-filled, energy packed concert for the students. Both kids and teachers loved the show. He did a wonderful job with student involvement. Don kept all of us on the edge of our seats with his miraculous story of survival after his plane crash.”
Marc Debrik, Principal
Zion Lutheran School

Harvester, MO

“The Don Wharton assembly was truly inspirational. Don was able to involve even our most reluctant students in the Gospel-oriented singing part of his presentation. His presentation gave our students hope for the future and assurance of God’s presence in the time of trial. It was a motivational and enjoyable time for all in attendance. I highly recommend Don Wharton’s assembly”
Lynn Lukomski, Principal
Immanuel Lutheran School
Okawville, IL

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